ProfiLine flea and tick spot-on treatment for cats 4 to 8 kg, 4 pipettes of 1,0 ml

Profiline - краплі Profiline - краплі
ReferencePR240989 Product barcode4823082409891

The preparation is of high-efficiency to larval and mature fleas, lice, chewing lice, ixodic ticks.

Профілайн - краплі (інструкція) Профілайн - краплі (інструкція)

Type Insecticide
Series Profiline
Appointment For cats weighing 4 to 8 kg
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ProfiLine flea and tick spot-on treatment for cats 4 to 8 kg, 4 pipettes of 1,0 ml

ProfiLine flea and tick spot-on treatment for cats 4 to 8 kg, 4 pipettes of 1,0 ml

The preparation belongs to combined insectoacaricides. It posseses an expressed impact on preimaginal and imaginal stages of development of fleas, lice, chewing lice and ixodic ticks, which are parasitizing on cats body.

The composition of preparation includes fipronil, which affects ectoparasites nervous system receptors, resulting paralysis and their further death, but avoiding harmful impact on mammal’s nervous system.

S-methoprene is a juvenile hormone analog, which affects as growth regulator of insects, inhibits growth and morphologic development of insects’ on the eggs stage, larva and pupa due to antagonism with ecdysone that responsible on growth and development larva.

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  • Type Insecticide
  • Series Profiline
  • Release form Drops spot-on
  • Appointment For cats weighing 4 to 8 kg
  • Capacity 1,0 ml
  • Quantity in the package 4 pcs
  • Number of packages 6 pcs
  • Type of packaging Pipette
  • Expiration date 3 years
  • Composition (active substance) Fipronil, S-methoprene
  • Recommended age From 8 weeks
  • Shelf life of the drug 1 month
  • Certificate ISO 9001:2015, GMP
  • Реєстраційне посвідчення АВ-07790-03-18

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Composition and pharmacological features

The preparation contains active ingredients:

  • fipronil – 10%;
  • S-methoprene – 10%;
  • excipients.


Prevention and treatment of cats infested with ectoparasites: fleas, lice, chewing lice, ixodic ticks.


Do not use on sick, exhausted and weak animals.

Do not use on kittens up to 8 weeks of age.

Do not use on animals with hypersensitivity to ingredients of the preparation.

Do not use along with other insectoacaricides.

Release form

Polymeric pipettes of 1,0 ml, packed in cardboard box by 4 pcs.

Storage conditions

Keep out of reach of children and animals, separate of food and feed at temperature 0°С to 30°С.

Expiration date

3 years

Application method

The preparation is applied external, directly on the skin in the areas unavailable for licking (withers area and along the backbone).

The preparation is applied on the dry, intact skin. Take a pipette with a single-dose, and hold it upright, cut the tip off.

The animals coat is divided and put the preparation directly on the skin between shoulder blades at the neck base. The processing of the animals is carried out during the seasonal activity of parasites in requirement, but not often than once in 30 days.

In the aim to prevent ectoparasites infestation is required to replace periodically or processing with the correspondent insectoacaricides the animal’ beddings and carring out regular cleaning their place of stay.